November 2nd

Tiny White Pumpkins
These were a demonstration in class one day.  

I spent the day being much less productive than I had planned, but it seems as if every day is like that.  I messed around updating my bio, and felt I ended up back at square one.  I had intended to start some thumb nail sketches for a painting I want to do for class next week  -  that didn't happen.  I've been trying to feel good about the things that I do get done, instead of feeling frustrated about the things that don't get done.  I think we all have a warped sense of time when it comes to our to-do lists.   So I am feelin' pretty darn good about taking a shower and going to the grocery store.

How about you?  How did your day go?


Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Pampering your doubts balances your celebrations

How's my day going...night dress after ten AM says it's all about perspective showing or slowing me the way. Snow Geese flew over behind the trees, and too far away for photos. I look forward to a nice walk.

Unknown said...

I am a list-maker :-) Without a list I am still forgetting something and than I skip from one thing to another, I am not really productive on such days... It is better to have a list!

Catherine said...

Maywyn - your day sounds great! I like "showing me or slowing me the way".

Sonja - I agree. I can barely get dressed without a list.