November 1st

 Scented Geranium Cuttings
Karen brought these scented geranium cuttings to share with our class.  I took a lemon scented one because I love the fragrance, and because it is curly.

I think I started doing the "Blog Every Day in November" challenge in 2007. Here we go again.  Fair warning -  as I claim every year, it's all about the quantity, not the quality.

If you are interested in what the Blog Every Day thing is all about, there is a link at the top of my sidebar.  The website explains what it is, and has a blogroll of the participants.

I have been a pretty slow blogger this year.  We'll see if this gets me back up to speed.


Diana said...

hi Catherine, You've inspired me to try the Posting every day in Nov. I've tried to hook up and hope I did.. I'm not real computer knowledge able.. I enjoyed yours so much last year. take care, love,Diana

Anonymous said...

such a lovely painting, I try posting everyday but found myself lacking the gumption lately, this may spark my interest again,thankyou for sharing,

Catherine said...

Diana - I'm having fun following you every day!

Laurie - I really have nothing to say everyday, but I'm trying : )