November 21st

Me   -  many years ago.
No sketching today.  I baked a couple of pies, prepped some things to finish up tomorrow, set the table, did laundry, worked a blood drive, picked up the grandkids . . .

Getting ready for a holiday always makes me think of family and holidays of my childhood. So here, in desperation to blog everyday in November, I'm posting this picture of me as a little girl with birthday or Christmas gifts.  I'm thinking birthday.  Look at that carpet.  Look at those bangs!


Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your bangs were longer than mine. lol

annie said...

Adorable bangs, Catherine. I love old photos. HAPPY HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY!

Catherine said...

Thanks Maywyn. What were our mothers thinking :)

Annie - I still feel like that kid! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.