November 20th

Butternut Squash
Yes, of course this was supposed to have been a sketch, but a photograph was the best I could squeeze in today.  This is perhaps my all time favorite color.  The texture of the seeds and the shadows around them fascinate me too. All those little bitty negative shapes.

The thing about sketching  -  or not sketching  -  is the fact that we are aware.  Often almost as aware as if we were going to sketch the object.  Sketching everyday objects in our lives has made us appreciate everything around us  -  the wonderful colors, shapes, and textures.  The shadows and way the light hits things keep us looking and thinking.,

Okay  -  that's my little sketching lecture of the day.  Does it sound like I am trying to excuse myself for not painting this?


Diana said...

No, I didn't have much time either.. I'm lucky I posted. take care. love,Diana

Claire M said...

I can certainly understand not having time to sketch/paint today. I think your post was great - to do something in place of sketching/painting. I agree that sketching and painting has made me more aware of things and this is cool how you are noticing and appreciating your butternut squash.

Sand Hill Art said...

Now turn it into a luscious creamy soup. So much joy from one humble squash.

Catherine said...

Diana - it is a little hard squeezing in blogging and thanksgiving:)

Claire - I love the color of the squash, and there is something about those seeds.

Sand hill - thank you for the suggestion - I did make some soup of it!

Marpia said...

Okay, painting aside, how do you cut your squash so perfectly?

Catherine said...

Marpia - I do have a very sharp knife, but this cut was surprisingly clean.