Ice Cream Cones and Flowers

It Must be Summer
If we are eating ice cream cones at a little table on the street, and flowers are blooming in the yard  -  it must be summer, right?

This is quirky freaky weather and we are all lovin' it.  It was at least 80 degrees today, and normally we would be having a snow storm.  Even if we have cold weather and snow, it can't last long now.  Every freakishly warm day takes us that much closer to the real thing.

One of our adventures of the day was to run out of gas.  Now I know where "empty" really is on my gas gauge. We were more or less out in the middle of no-where, but with the help of some pretty big hills, we managed to limp/coast into a gas station on the southern-most edge of town.  No problem.  You know what I always  say  -  if you don't want a little adventure, you'd better just stay home.  We made it back, safe and sound, and cuddled up on the couch to eat crackers and cheese and watch Wallace and Gromet for the hundredth time.  Fun.


Claire M said...

Sounds like you made the best of a situation of running out of gas. Your page is charming. Yes, I think Spring and summer are on their way.

Diana said...

sounds like a wonderful day!well except for the gas.. love your delightful blog,love,Diana

Catherine said...

Claire and Diana - thank you both for your kind comments! It was a nice day, and the girls stayed very calm as we slowly coasted down the highway toward the gas station : ) The best part is - we made it! Or maybe the best part was the big ice cream cones.

Marj said...

There's nothing like a heroic "coast" into a Gas Station!
Cliff ran out twice in one day :-)
Next time we're together, we'll exchange running out of gas stories.
This Spring was just amazing. The Michigan Magnolias in our neighb. were so in full bloom--but it went to 25' last nite and it killed the blossoms!

Debbie Nolan said...

Love your blog Catherine - sounds like summer did come early - it did hear as well. Thanks for sharing your sketches.