Day Ten

Indigo Sky
This is a scribbly little watercolor done in my sketchbook on Strathmore drawing paper.

More than anything else, I was trying to record the contrast of colors as I looked out the front window.  It is raining/sleeting/snowing, and the sun is shining very brightly periodically, but the sky is VERY dark in the north.  A very interesting, beautiful, dramatic day  - and I can hear geese "barking" as they head south, away from that black sky.  They don't know what they'll be missing.  Just as I don't know what I'll be missing where ever it is that they go.

I did dig out a couple of Julia Cameron books and I'm feeling more creative already.  Is Julia Cameron my little creativity pill?  She's one of those "just do it" people, and I need that once in awhile.  I have always said you can paint whether you are in the mood or not.  I guess I just forgot my own advice for a week or two (or more).

Now I'm going to round up some objects for a still life for this afternoon's class.  It's a warm colors kind of day  -  maybe with a little glass added to the set-up.  Maybe the round bottle with the plant cuttings from my post a couple of days ago, and a few pieces of pottery.  We'll just see what falls together.

Happy painting!


gerri michaels said...

I love your book. It was the first one I purchased when I began watercolor classes a few months ago. We are planning a trip to MI in the Spring (never been) and hope to get to Petosky. I'm a big fan of your work. Keep inspiring!

Sand Hill Art said...

After the London Telegraph and my email, yours is the first blog I read in the morning. Thanks.

Catherine said...

Gerri, thanks so much your kind comments! If you're coming to Petoskey you'll want to be sure an bring your sketchbook.

Sally - how nice of you to say that! Thanks.