Day Eleven

The Last of the Red Hot Blossoms 
This has been on its way out for quite awhile, but this last blossom is really hanging on.  It's a great color  -  somewhere between red and "hot" coral.  I think it is a Kalanchoe Calandiva.  If the leaves stay nice, I may try to keep it going to see if it will blossom again.  It can live with my messy geraniums that I keep shuffling around.

A strange day today  -  it feels like a Saturday.  My husband took the day off, and Middle Granddaughter was here because there was no school. It is one of those things that throws off the days of the week  -  in a nice way.

Day eleven of blogging every day in November.  I have nothing exciting to say or show, but I am hanging in there.  I can tell from my stats that you are too.  Thank you for "listening".


Marj said...

I had a Geranium outside (beautiful dark red) with one blossom that hung on forever. It is now in its resting place in our little woods behind us :-(
Your flower sketches/WC's are always so "happy-looking." Love your daily posts no matter how simple (?)

MarilynLara said...

I've been checking in every day and being inspired every day. Simplicity is always good. Even a drop of water on a leaf would be neat.

BTW, if you want to keep your blooms coming, and your plants don't need to go dormant, try Blossom Booster.

Yesterday I bought 19 pots of yellow pansies. I plant pansies in November for beautiful spring blooms.

Catherine said...

Thanks Marj Don't you hate it when they are still blooming when the frost hits?!

MarilynLara - thank you! I wonder if I should try to keep the plants blooming or just try to keep them alive. It is awfully nice to have some blooms in the winter. I'm sure the geraniums don't care which they do. 19 pots of pansies!!!