Day Six

Very Small Demonstrations
These are a few little demonstrations that I'll stick in my lesson demo binder.  I have various categories  -  figures, color mixing, fabric folds, negative spaces .   .   .  I know you didn't need to know that, but remember, I am trying to blog everyday for the month of November, and I have to say something.  Because I am going through "stuff", as mentioned in yesterday's post, it seemed fairly appropriate to say that.

I just looked at my studio clock and realized I have not changed the time on it, so I have an extra hour.  Fun.  However, I am afraid in that extra hour, I still won't know what to fix to eat.  Okay, I get it  -  it is not that I don't know WHAT to cook  -  it's that I don't WANT to.  So now the question is  -  what do I WANT to cook when I make up my mind that I DO want to cook?  A nap will help.


Marj said...

All those demos are great--but I love the Red Pepper. It looks like it is 3-D (coming right off the page).
The water and the trees are alive too. :-)

Helen Sturgeon said...

I love the apple! Especially since I made mega batches of Apple Butter this weekend!! Get out your crock pot and let it cook for you!!
Snowing in my basement/studio on all my Christmas designs!!

Catherine said...

Thanks Marj - the red pepper was huge!!!

Helen - Hmmmm - I just may try that. We have a lot of apples.

It sounds as if you are coming right along with your cards.