Day Five

Brushes and Palette
It's a lazy day here, which is really pretty nice.  I've been going through stacks of papers, shredding and filing.  I've been throwing away all those little scraps of watercolor paper that I do little demos on  -  a cloud, a wave, a leaf .  .  .  It really all piles up, and by the time I sort through it, it is all unnecessary and not where I would find it anyway. 

When I sort through things and spiff up my painting area, it always inspires me to really get painting.  My goal, of course, is to get through the sorting process in a hurry, so I don't lose the inspiration.  I come across sketches and lesson plans that I had forgotten about, and if I don't hurry, they'll get shuffled into another pile, to be forgotten again. 

Okay, here I go, back to the drawing board  -  literally.

How is your weekend?  What is inspiring you?

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