Day One

 “Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life - learn some and think some and draw and
paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.”
Robert Fulghum

For a couple of reasons I'm posting this picture of me as a five year old (?) again.  Every couple of years I post this because, first, I really like the quote and the picture reminds me of who I really am (some things never change) and the second reason  -  I CAN NOT FIND MY CAMERA CORD! 

This is the first day of Blogging Everyday in November  -  and for the month I am going to try to be aware of wonder.  My sketchbook helps me do that  -  it makes me much more aware of things around me.  I'm always looking for shapes and color, and beauty in general.

On my way now to pick up a friend to go to the grocery.  We are cooking together tonight, so we are shopping together too.  Spaghetti night at the Carey's.

Be aware of wonder!


Katrina said...

I am taking comfort that November comes again and that it means I can count on my friend, Catherine, blogging. Some things don't change and I wouldn't want them to. (and I love this picture and quote as well)

Diana said...

Catherine, I enjoy it so much when you do your month of posting. so glad you do. love,Diana

annie said...

A wonderful memory trip, Catherine. My favorite photos are the oldies, taking us back to years that might have been difficult for some of us but that sparkle with these tiny little moments full of wonder for a child. I remember the first (and only fish I ever caught when I was five.

Catherine said...

Thanks Katrina and Diana - I am looking forward to it too.

Annie - everything seems great when we are kids. I wonder who cleaned these fish. Not me.

annie said...

Well, my mom cleaned mine. My dad had a new fishing pole and I had the old one, that day, and as we rowed along the pond, he said, "Whoever catches the first fish can have my new fishing pole." I caught it. It was such a little fish I don't know how my mom cleaned it, but she cooked the tiny thing up
and we had it for supper.

Helen Sturgeon said...

Looking forward to checking in with you each day in Nov.! Love your pic. I have a similiar one of me in my pjs in Dad's boat with his string of fish! I used to sit in the bottom of the boat and play with the worms! No girlie girl here! Hugs,H.

Catherine said...

Annie - I love your little fish story : ) When our son caught his first fish, I was afraid he was going to be disappointed when saw how small it was after it was cleaned, but he said with a big smile on his face, "Oh, it's a snack"!

Helen - I would take the fish off the hook (wrapped in a towel - the fish, not me) but I did not play with the worms! Maybe I didn't like fishing after all : )