Squash and Hot Peppers
Watercolor on Arches Cover Cream Paper

This was a demonstration in simplicity and color application in my Thursday afternoon class.  I love the colors of fall vegetables, although this would be pretty much nothing without the hot peppers.  We cooked that cut squash for dinner  -  I didn't add the hot peppers.  I don't mind a little kick, but I am not quite sure how to tell what "heat" I'll end up with when I'm cooking it myself.

There was a little ice this morning on some water in a container in the backyard, and then later in the morning it actually snowed - great big flakes for quite awhile.   I am just not ready for this.


Diana said...

Wonderful beautiful veggies. Love your looseness. love your work Catherine. take care, Diana--ps I ate my acorn squash but how did you cook yours mine weren't so good.

Mary said...


I love the squash painting!

Did you make this watercolor book yourself ? If no, can you let me know where you bought it?

Thanks - I need some inspiration to do this everyday, so I'm looking forward to your November blogs.


Catherine said...

Diana - thanks! I just cooked my squash in the microwave and put a little maple syrup and olive oil in the cavity (I know - weird combo!). Acorn squash are not the tastiest of the squash family, but they are easy and nice to stuff. Some acorns are very bland - could it be that they aren't ripe?

Mary - Thank you! Yes, I did make the book.

I must warn you that my November blogging can be more quantity than quality : ) but I hope it inspires you.

Marj said...

Your Squash(s) are beautiful! So loose, and what I am always trying to achieve!
Your posts are always inspiring ! :-)

Margarita said...

Fresco, vivo, directo, con la aparente sencillez de quien domina el medio y además lleno de encanto. Felicidades, y saludos desde España.

Catherine said...

Thanks Marj. We'll see how inspiring you think they are at the end of November : )

Catherine said...

Margarita - thanks for your kind comments, and greeting to you from the USA.