Contour Drawing in my Sketchbook
I did this sitting under a big tree, talking about, and listening to friends talk about, composition and value.

In a contour (continuous line) drawing I don't worry about composition, and of course, as you can see here, there is no information about value (lights and darks).  I'm just recording what it is about the subject that interests me. In this case, it's the vertical lines of the tree trunks and the horizontal line of the distant shore. I had intended to put a little watercolor on this, but I really like the simplicity of the lines.

This is labor day weekend.  We don't have any big plans. The grandkids have been in and out.  A few very large (3 to 4 inch) slugs have been in and out, and one pretty large toad. We put the toad in the cutting garden and then we googled "what do toads eat".  They are actually carnivores and they eat slugs! The balance of nature  -  right in our own back yard.  I just don't want to witness that one.


plaid petunia said...

I agree. I love the simplicity of your sketch! It always amazes me how you don't take your pen up and that continues line turns out to be a beautiful sketch.

Good to know about that nature thing. I think I will go toad hunting.


Catherine said...

Thanks Cath!

The main thing with the nature thing - it's the toads that need to go hunting.