Walloon Lake

Walloon Lake at the Foot
The Foot is at the southern-most end of the lake. And  -  it's shaped like a boot.

I still have sand in my sketchbook.  That's okay  -  every part of our sketchbooks is all about "being there".  Now this feels like a long time ago.  Another season.  It's cold this morning and some of the kids started school today.

When our kids were little, we lived near a lake with a nice beach, and we spent a lot of time there all summer.  The whole neighborhood would be there every day. FUN.  And then the kids would start school and the moms would still go to the beach once in awhile.   After three months of having our eyes glued to the kids in the water, it was fun to soak up the sun, sand and water without being concerned for anyone's safety.  Always felt a little guilty about that though.  Did they know we went without them?

Today I'm working on class promos, planning, and catching up on emails.  I will be sending out emails and posting info on an upcoming Yoga and Painting morning I'll be doing with a yoga instructor friend, and another bookbinding/journal painting workshop.  Getting geared up for the new season!


Anonymous said...

beautiful painting and such a busy woman you are!!

Catherine said...

Thanks Laurie! Maybe scattered is the word, rather than busy :)

Maria's Watercolor said...

Lovely colors, so peaceful. No guilt, I suspect you earned a pinch of child free time!

Marj said...

Beautiful watercolor--I feel like I'm right there!
Why do us Mom's feel so guilty when we do things for ourselves?
Well, now my Grandchildren say..."Gramma, you really should have that i-pad!" Bless them :-)

Diana said...

your sketchbooks and lovely paintings always inspire me! take care,Diana-- ps I love to have sand in my paints! it means I've been to the beach. :)

Catherine said...

Maria thanks! You're right - no guilt.

Thanks Marj - grandkids - aren't they great!

Thanks Diana - the messier our sketchbooks, the more lived-in they look.