Chioggia Beets
These beets really and truly are bright pink with light green leaves.  I haven't cut into them yet, but I understand they are pink and white striped.

We have subscribed to a Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA) share for the season.  We go to the farm and pick up our share (we subscribe to a half share) each Tuesday, getting a beautifully arranged box of whatever produce is ready that week.  I am having a lot of fun figuring out what to do with everything.  The cat got quite sick from eating the fennel greens, but that was his choice.

A couple of our granddaughters were here last weekend, and we were having a great time chopping, tasting, and looking at the pretty colors.  We made a beautiful big salad, and when I went to dish it up, they said in unison, "Oh, we don't eat salad - yuk." 

It has been a busy and fun week  -  seven classes Monday through Thursday.  Wonderful people in every class, and beautiful weather!  Who could ask for more!?


Cynthia Schelzig said...

Love your beets and that they are from Chioggia makes them even that more enjoyable!!! Happy Weekend to you!

Catherine said...

Thanks Cynthia. I do love their romantic Italian name, but actually, the beets grow just down the road about four miles from us here in Northern Michigan Of course, at some point, they had to come from Chioggia : )

Anonymous said...

these are just so beautiful. I love the way you paint and the little details around your objects. Very inspiring.
peace n abundance,

Anonymous said...

Catherine, Those grand babies will get you everytime. These beets are wonderful 2 for 1 not only to eat but a great thing to draw and paint:) Have a great day,

annie said...

Lovely beets. Do you make borsht?

Wonderful kid story. There seems to be no middle of the road family attitude toward salad among my mother's siblings. One family always had a beautiful wooden bowl rubbed with garlic and full of every kind of salad makings, but another family only put a few sprigs of lettuce and tomato on the dinner plate.

Catherine said...

Cheyanne, thanks! Peace and abundance to you too.

Linda - the grand babies sure can keep us entertained.

I love painting food. You're right - two for one.

Annie - thanks! No I have never made borscht. Do you make it?

Salad seems to go in every direction, doesn't it?

Helen Sturgeon said...

Beautiful painting! Stop by my blog for recipes... I'm better at cooking than painting! ;)
the southern cook = www.billandhelensturgeon.blogspot.

Catherine said...

Helen - thanks. I am looking forward to really spending some time on your blog - it looks great!

annie said...

No, Catherine, I never made borscht, but boy can I eat it! When I lived on the Lower East Side in the '50's (before it was East Village) in New York City, I found this Greek restaurant that made a borscht that had a floating salad in it. It was to die for... Never found another place that served it nor a recipe.