4th of July Etc.

Pages in my Journal
I didn't get as ambitious with my weekend sketching as I intended, but a couple of two-inch sketches is better than nothing.

We had a nice 4th of July weekend.  We did, however, run out of gas about midnight in the north woods - the gauge didn't work, and that's the truth.  My big brother came to our rescue as he has done for years and years.  I told the grandkids as they were beginning to panic a little, "If you don't have a little adventure, there's no reason to leave the house."  My husband and the kids were in a parade in the morning, and then the kids were in another parade in the afternoon.  After all that walking and sunshine, we LISTENED to the fireworks from the comfort of our own bed.

The journal page on the right is this morning's demonstration using a blue prismacolor pencil for the contour drawing.  I like the look, but I can't take credit for it.  I read about it in Cathy Johnson's new book Artist's Journal Workshop. The class met at a park on the Bay, and it was sunny and breezy.  I think it was the first morning I haven't had to worry about a class meeting in the rain or cold.

Now I have a painting to finish, frame, and deliver, and then we'll meet some friends at the waterfront for a picnic.  Summer in Northern Michigan!


Anonymous said...

I would love to make a watercolor journal,, I'm looking into this,, I just love your work,, its just so fresh and easy,, on the eyes,,

Catherine said...

Laurie - thanks! There is something very satisfying about making your own sketchbooks.

Dali Lobo said...

What kind of watercolor journal did you use for this sketch?
You mentioned Aquabee somewhere on your site but this doesn't look like one.


Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

Thanks for the shout out, it IS a fun technique and you made lovely use of it!

Marj said...

Love the little pics...you always use just the right colors in the right amounts (I guess that's why you are the teacher :-) I just got my copy of Cathy Johnson's book and saw that illustration too. Only a little over a month 'til our Sketchbook-Journaling class--Yay! See U then.

Debo Boddiford said...

When you make your own little palettes out of old tins...do you spray paint the area in the lid where you mix paint? Or do you glue in a little piece of Yupo or something else white in the lid?

plaid petunia said...

Cath, What kind of paper is this? It looks different than aquarius ll. Cathy

Catherine said...

Sorry everyone to have taken so long to get to your comments. For some reason comments are not going through my email, so I am unaware of them until I post again. Gonna have to look into that, or at least pay attention. I LOVE your comments and don't want to miss them.

Dali Lobo - it is Aquarius II paper. That is primarily what I use in my handbound journals, with a few odd pieces of other paper thrown in here and there. It seems to have photgraphed a little yellow.

Thanks Kate! And thanks for the idea. By the way - I absolutely LOVE your new book. I'm teaching a journal class this week and will be taking your book along with me.

Thanks Marj. I am really looking forward to seeing you in Aug!

Debo - I don't spray paint the lid, although that would protect the palette from water and rust. I just cut a little piece of styrofoam plate to fit. I think most of us are phasing styrofoam out of our lives (I keep them on hand for students that need a small temporary palette), so I really like your idea of using Yupo.

Cathy - The paper just photographed yellow. It looks like Arches Cover Cream, doesn't it?

Marj said...

Catherine, for my Altoids lid to mix paint, I found that cutting a piece of plastic-coated paper plate works just fine! You can cut several of them from one plate and keep it handy if the one U are using gets too old. Hope this helps!

Catherine said...

Great idea Marj. Thanks!