A Demonstration Page from Our Bookbinding Workshop
This was done during a sunnier, warmer week.  This week I was doing two watercolor classes and four afternoons of outdoor journaling.  It poured rain continuously!  The participants of the outdoor class were really good sports.  We met on the porch of one of the buildings in Bay View and we worked on techniques and painted things like flower pots, watering cans, color mixing, and did manage to get in a couple of Bay View scenes between storms.

It is a little too quiet here now.  The California grandkids are heading down to the Detroit airport today.  It was a wonderful visit!  The month went by all too quickly. It's so hard to see them leave. 

Moving on.  The sun is shining today.  I'm anxious to get out in the garden and see how much damage all the rain has done   -    and the deer.  I have put out repellent things and sprayed liquid fence which has probably washed away by now.  

I have a painting I should be working on, and with this sunshine, it looks like a good day to set up a little temporary studio on the back porch.  Here I go.

Take your sketchbooks someplace this weekend!


Anonymous said...

So pretty! Love the colors!...I could look at this for a long time! (Have 3 of our 'grands' for 8days. Fun!!)

Catherine said...

Thanks BJR. Have a wonderful time with those kids!

Marj said...

Great (Pansy) Painting! Love the colors--that's why I keep coming to class (to "loosen" up!)
Why do I keep putting every last detail in? Love these. Don't ever quit blogging....
(even when you're busy with Grandchildren :-)

Catherine said...

Thanks Marj! I find that doing contour drawing and using a #6 or larger brush (in my sketchbooks - a #10 or larger for "serious" paintings)helps me keep it simple.

The California grandkids are back in California and it is very quiet here.