Beverly's Lunch

Painting Our Lunches at the Bookbinding/Journal Workshop
Beverly's lunch was more colorful than mine, and my salad was not conducive to a good composition.  I should have followed my instructions to the students to bring a "paintable" lunch. I thought it was okay while I was packing it, but then I saw Beverly's.  The lunch is always greener  .  .  .

Our second two day bookbinding/journal workshop was a lot of fun, and there were some beautiful journals constructed.  On the second day there were some great little watercolor sketches painted. 

The Traders Joe's green tea mints box is my newest tiny palette.  It has a see-through lid, which doesn't give me much in the way of a mixing area, but it sure is cute.  It has seven half pans in it. 

This coming week I have three new classes starting (which means six class meetings), a granddaughter's birthday party to attend, and the visiting grandchildren will return for a couple of days before they head on home to California.  But,  I'm not thinking about the "heading on home" part yet.  With three new classes starting, I am feeling just a tiny bit stressed, but as my husband says, "If you aren't a little stressed, you're not trying hard enough".


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, I can't believe it,, I HAVE YOUR BOOK! I'm a self taught artist,, just fumble alon,, but I haved used your book to help me right from the start,, I use your book for all my practise and learning studies,, I'm over joyed at this,, amazing.You know how we read blogs ,, read the name of them but i never looked for your name and then I'm sorry to say,, it wasn't until today i connected,, your book sits by my easel,, ALL THE TIME!You have taught me to paint,, thankyou,, sorry this is so long,,

Catherine said...

Thanks Laurie!!! How nice of you to say that. I am very proud to be one of your teachers - you paint beautifully.

annie said...

I am glad you found Catherine's blog, Laurie. I keep her book near me, too. Wonderful and inspiring help. As for the blog--like a workshop for me.

Catherine, another fresh and bright sketch, and another adorable paint tin...Too bad it doesn't have the full mixing lid, but how adorable. And 7 half pans is just great.

Catherine said...

Annie - thanks! I do a lot of mixing on the paper, so I'm okay with very little to no mixing area. It's all about cute tins, after all :)

Marj said...

Love that lace border--I'm going to try to invent one for my journal. Itching to make another journal--It's addictive!
Your book is like a textbook for me...so glad I have it.

Anonymous said...

Catherine, I love your book and blog too! I've been journaling for years, but just started actually painting in my journals, and your work is SUCH an inspiration ~ thank you!
I so wish I could vacation in your area and take your classes... maybe some day. In the mean time, I'll keep following your blog (and keep hoping for aNOTHER book! ;-)
Would you please share which seven colors you keep in your adorable TJ's mint tin?
~Diane (in N. California)

Catherine said...

Diane Thanks! I happen to love your part of the world - N.California.

The colors I am using in that tin are Hansa yellow, manganese blue, ultramarine blue,thphalo green yellow shade (hookers green is close), quinacridone burnt scarlet, cobalt violet, quinacridone red. The quin. burnt scarlet isn't one of my most used colors, but it does make a good brown when mixed with a blue - and I had room for it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your reply Catherine! I haven't tried the little paint pans yet, now I have a list of colors to look for!

Have you ever considered teaching a class while visiting N. Cali? ;-)


Catherine said...

Diane - sorry for not replying to this - it didn't come through my email for some reason.

I am beginning to give some thought to teaching a journal workshop in Northern California. What would YOU consider a good place to do that? San Jose, somewhere north of San Francisco,along the coast? Thanks for your input.

Anonymous said...

Catherine, sorry it's taken me so long to reply - I just thought to check back...
I've only taken a couple classes locally (I'm in Sacramento) - I really only know of one location to suggest...Gualala, CA! It's right on the coast, a very involved artists' community, and a great location for classes - the Gualala Arts Center. I just missed a watercolor journaling class they had there last summer (2010), but I understand it was very well received.
What wonderful news that you're thinking of giving a class (or classes?!) in N. Cal - regardless of where you decide to conduct them, I'll want to be there!