Early June

Painting in the Garden
A beautiful day to sit in the back yard with a friend and paint, catch up on news, laugh, look through each other's sketchbooks, and look forward to a wonderful summer of painting.  After a long gray winter, early June is SO promising!

The watercolor sketch on the right was done as a quick, ink, contour sketch.  The one on left left was drawn in pencil first, then the watercolor was added, and the ink was done last.  The sketch on the left took a lot longer to do than the one on the right, but I enjoyed getting lost in the slow deliberate process.  I usually like to do my sketchbook watercolors quickly, but there's a time and place for slow and deliberate.

The deer have been devouring  the asters in my cutting garden.  The hoof prints barely miss the other plants. I'm afraid what they don't eat will get trampled  -  although from the looks of the prints they are being careful.  Gee, thanks.


ginny said...

I just sprayed some rabbit repellent on my asters. I wonder if that would work for deer. Wait a minute while I run to the garage. Be right back. Last fall I bought some stuff called Green Screen deer and rabbit repellent from a company called Envirodyne, inc. It's little bags of repellent that you hang around near your plants or on your bushes. I have to wait to try it until I'm leaving town because the dog keeps trying to drag it around. If it's not one pest it's another. Lady at nursery says people say it works. Good luck.

Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE this page, the simplicity and the light touch...oh if only I could do pages without getting into so much detail.

I will bookmark this one to remind me of how I want to do pages.

Wish I lived nearer so I could benefit from your teaching.

Claire M said...

I love seeing your pages. These are delightful and so full of cheer!

Catherine said...

Ginny - THANKS. I am on my way to the garden center for anything and everything.

Oma - I find if I do an ink contour drawing it forces me to stay simple. I wish you lived neared also. Well, actually I wish I lived nearer to you - I love your area.

Claire - thank you!

ann said...

These are such charming pages - so inspiring! I have you and Petosky on my "bucket list".

Thank you!

ann said...

These are such charming pages!
We will be staying "put" for most of the summer in AZ - one of my projects is to do a journal of just staying home.
Thank you for being such an inspiring force - you and Petosky are on my "bucket list"!

PS It's so funny to hear you talk about the deer, here in AZ folks have the same problem with javalinas - they will actually break a pot to get at the roots!

Catherine said...

Gvan - thanks! I don't think I've ever been on anyone's bucket list :)

Catherine said...

Gvan - oops - perhaps you didn't want both of these published, but I must comment - what the heck are javelina? Actually I googled them and - wow - I would not want one of those prowling around my garden!!!!

And, as for journaling at home - I am such a homebody and we live in a beautiful place, so I really get into painting around town (Of course traveling and journaling is pretty great too)and appreciating the places and things of my everyday life. You're gonna have fun!