Lunch at Jesperson's
I know.  You'd think I would have more than a glass of water to show for all this time of non-blogging.

In class this week we worked on small still life compositions.  Everyone was feeling a little "off".  I'm blaming it on the barometric pressure or the thunder storm.  We were all talking about how much we enjoy a good ol' Michigan thunderstorm  - however, it struck a house down the street and started a small fire, and across the Bay it actually hit our granddaughter's classroom!!! No one was hurt, but it knocked a small hole right through the cinder block wall!

Next week we will get back to the small still life compositions. The whole idea is to zoom in, zoom out, zoom left, zoom right . . . keep them simple with strong shapes and values.  Maybe I will set a time limit  -  if we can't fuss with it, we do a better job.  If there isn't a raging storm, we can concentrate on the composition.  But we are a bunch of artists  -  we really do enjoy a good distraction.


Sand Hill Art said...

I showed your blog to my painter pal Julie, and she loved your graphics; she used to have a sign-painting business. And I am always intrigued to see how tiny your paint boxes can get!

Catherine said...

Sand Hill - this is my "largest" journal palette. My smallest one is shown in the previous post, "Giorgio's". It's an altoids "Smalls" tin that holds 5 half pans. It is small enough to fit in the palm of my hand - nice when I want to be inconspicuous :)

ann said...

The background is so cool, as is the glass (literaly!).