View from "Cherry Park"

Purple-blue Mountains 
As the sun moves, the colors of the mountain ranges change from bright green to blue gray to purple.  The tall palms are so huge and oddly shaped, they're almost comical.  I'm a mid-west girl  -  these trees and mountains are a novelty to me.

I did this sketch about a week ago, and now I am missing the sunshine and warmer temperatures of California.    We have no leaves yet in northern Michigan, but the grass is very green today. The Bay is very blue  -  ultramarine blue. It is only 45 degrees.  This might be a good day to go to the green house.  I need some of that warm dirt smell.


Marilyn said...

Catherine, your watercolor sketches are always inspiring. When my tulips were in bloom, I took a chair and my sketch pad out and sketched two of them. It was my first time ever to sketch a flower without doing it from a photograph.

The following day, I went back out intending to paint what I had sketched. HA Although I went out at the same time of day, the petals had changed. Plus, the shapes and colors were different.

Did I say I'm new at this? Ha I've been painting less than two years and I love watercolors. I have a lot to learn, but I'm hooked.

Your journals have been encouraging.

Catherine said...

Marilyn - watercolor sketching on location is addictive, relaxing, and always successful in it's own way. Glad you are hooked - have fun with it!