New Journal

A New Journal and More Thumbnails

I am so into doing little thumbnail sketches right now.  When I've had enough of that, I'll start painting with a vengeance.

Yesterday my friend, Ellie, was trying out Yupo for the first time.   I wrote her comment on my sketchbook page. "It almost gives you the freedom you desire."  Pretty profound for painting on plastic, huh?  No, I'm not pushing Yupo  -  not a huge fan.

This is my newest journal, on the left. It is a different size this time.  I started out making them kind of square, and I liked that.  However, I do like to make them in a size that doesn't waste any of the 22 X 30 sheets of Aquarius II watercolor paper.  It dawned on me that this 5 1/2 by 6 size would work.

So if we have all this fresh, new, fluffy snow this morning  -  why doesn't it feel FRESH?


Marj said...

Love the print on your new bookcover. I'll need to figure out the new sizes for making a smaller book. It would fit nicely into my purse--making it easier to "bring along" on my journeys :-)

ginny said...

Gosh, I still haven't made a new journal. I'm thinking I may have to pay for the class again in order to get one. That's ok 'cause the class was great fun. I like the size of your new one. It's almost square. The square format appeals to me also. Think spring and summer.

Catherine said...

Thanks Marj. It is paper from Hollanders. To make this smaller size I folded the paper in five equal sections instead of four. So it is five into thirty inches equal six inches.

Catherine said...

Ginny - I am really looking forward to doing the classes again. I think we will stick to the old size, but we will also teach how to figure measurements if anyone wants to make one on their own of a different size.
I AM thinking spring and summer!!! You have really been socked with some snow this year, haven't you?