Color mixing

Clay Pots
This was Thursday's class demo.  We were mixing terracotta colors on the paper. We're thinking spring and summer here  -  have to be ready to paint flowers and pots.

We were using different variations of the primary colors  -  reds, yellows, and blues.  Some were allowed to mix on the paper, some were mixed on the palette, some wet into wet and some on dry paper.

I used to paint these pots of flowers by the hundreds and sell them matted up in 10 X 10 white mats. They are fun to do, because no two are ever alike.  This kind of makes me want to do them again.

It is snowing here and overcast.  A couple of grandkids are making forts under my classroom/studio tables, so it is bright and cheery inside.  The Christmas carols they're singing are kind of getting to me, but I'll keep my mouth shut.


Carol C said...

Hang in there, Catherine!!! I know spring is on it's way!!! Even where you are!!

annie said...

As Carol C says...and your little pots make me feel spring is around the corner. I always love those cheerful little guys.

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Interesting, I use to do the same thing for art fairs. I love yours.

Catherine said...

Carol - It is going to be 47 degrees here today. Things are looking up!

Annie - that's what we are trying for - to feel spring is just around the corner.

Helen - thanks! Doing the little paintings in multiples is really fun. If they work out, great. If they don't, oh well.