Coffee Table Pencil Sketch

 not TOO serious
Feeling the urge/need/desire/obligation to do a halfway serious drawing, instead of the cartoon-like contour drawings I have been doing, I challenged myself with the foreshortening of this table.  The top book and bowl got a little floaty, but oh well.

We have a winter advisory warning here this afternoon.  It's a nice day to be working on sketches and lesson plans for my new classes starting this week.  This week we are going to be working on breaking up shapes to keep things interesting and, at the same time, cohesive.   We'll be breaking them up with lines, softened edges, variations in value, additional shapes .  .  . Fun stuff.  Stay tuned.


annie said...

Good morning, Catherine. I do like it. As small as it is, you still have the lights and shadows on the table and the plant. This would be a challenge for me with the foreshortening.

Good luck with the weather. Hope it won't make trouble for folks up there.


Vaishnavi said...

I love pencil sketches, this coffee table is such a cosy looking one! Do put up more of your pencil sketches!

Marj said...

Oh-ooo so inviting! I think I'll set my coffee down there and join you (wish I could).
Your drawings give me something to shoot for :-)
Thanks for the compliments on my watercolor journal--can't wait to start drawing/painting in the next one.

Teresa said...

What an elegant little sketch! Love it.

Catherine said...

Annie - thanks. I really have to get "in the groove" to do foreshortening, but I love it. Maybe it's the groove that I like,

Vaishnavi - after reading your comment, I went through my blog (not all the way!) and started labeling posts. So there should be a few pencil sketches to find.

Marj - I wish you could join me too! I am also nearing the end of my current journal and am going to start painting next in the half size one I made.

Teresa - thanks!