The Backdoor

Another Watercolor Sketch of the Backdoor
This is done on Nideggen paper which is a light brown color.
I was going to work on sketches and paintings of reflective objects when my class left, but with that sunshine out there, I decided not to waste it.  We have had frost warnings and the flowers are getting straggly, so it's possibly now or never for one more sketch of the area near our back door. There is nothing gorgeous about the door or the plantings, but I like it, and it is a warm, sunny spot to sit and paint.

Someday maybe I will go through all of my sketchbooks and find all of the paintings and sketches I have done of this door.


Carol Blackburn said...

Love your sketchbook, Catherine.....it always looks so free and easy and the colors perfect for the scene.

Catherine said...

Thanks Carol, It felt good to sit out there in the sun - we haven't had much lately. Nothing like painting on a beautiful day!

Marj said...

You make even the "straggly" things look great! Love the colors.

Catherine said...

Thanks Marj. I love straggly geraniums. It's a good thing - that's how mine always grow.