Bay View Library Again

The Bay View Library Door, 2010

This is a demo page from my journal class in Bay View last week. It was, as always, a great group of people, and they really got into the "journal thing". They didn't try to do masterpieces, they did journal pages, and did them beautifully. This week I did a drawing class there, and they were great too. I saw some real progress in four days, and they were such a friendly group - fun!

I am switching mental and emotional gears here. After having the California grandkids around for most of the month of June, it is very quiet. They left Wednesday morning. It helped to have to hurry off to my classes. It was a great visit!

July already! My busiest month for classes and workshops! I have no classes today, so I may run a few errands and find a good book to read on the porch. I may also finish the last page in my current sketchbook. Big deal stuff, huh? It's called relaxation.

Don't forget to carry your sketchbooks around with you!


Marj said...

Catherine, I'm trying to sign up for your WC Sketchbook Class III, (Aug.16,17,18,19) it's listed on your schedule--but when I click on Bay View's list to register, their's only shows WCSC II for July. Left a phone message-they called-said it was fixed and to reg. online. Gr-rr. It's still the same. I've left a message again--so hope I can do it over the phone. :-) Life is fun-huh?

Catherine said...

Marj - It doesn't show up on my laptop, but it shows up on my desk top. Frustrating, huh!!! I don't get it. Try the administration office and explain it to them - a real person should answer the phone. 231-347-6225

If that doesn't work, let me know.

I'm sorry this is so difficult, but we'll get it!

Marj said...

Thanks, I'll wait until after the weekend :-) Love your Library picture--made me go back in my SBk and check mine out! Looking forward to Class. Have a great 4th.