Orange Tree Over the Fence

Another California Sketch

Here is yet another sketch from our California trip. I have just finished four days of Bookbinding/Journaling, and will post some of those sketches as soon as I get myself together. And because I never expect to really get myself together (and that's okay) I will post them anyway - in a day or two.

Friday I spent the day at an elementary school with ten classes - one every thirty minutes. As one of the kindergarten classes was leaving, a little girl came up and thanked me for the painting demonstration. As she started to walk away, she turned around, pointed to me, and said, "Great outfit by the way." CUTE kid!

I have a class coming this morning, and I want to get the backyard canopy up so we can enjoy this beautiful northern Michigan morning outside with the birds - and the Wednesday morning garbage truck, the recycle truck, the guy down the street with the leaf blower . . . . but it's okay - we have loud birds.

Sketch something today!


Margaret said...

How funny - the birds and the garbage man! I so need to just get my paintbrush out and go for it. I've been sketching and adding a bit of colored pencil... just so intimidated! I can feel that the time is soon coming, though. I will have to flash back to you fun classes and words of encouragement. We will be visiting this summer. Also, you should take pictures of some of your finished paintings and try and sell them on your blog - I would love to see what you have for sale!!

Marthann's Musings said...

Great piece of art. I love that way it fits onto the page and the nice bright colors. Ahhhh yes the sounds of suburbia or the city, trash trucks and traffic

Mary Lou Bachman said...

One of my daily pleasures is reading youe blog. Your take on life, as well as your art, is honest and simple and beautiful. I'm so glad to be taking your classes again.

Catherine said...

Margaret - yes, get out your brushes and go for it! Just splash around a bit. It'll be so much fun, you'll just keep going.

Marthann -thanks!
We live in a quirky house on a quirky corner that seems to be the garbage truck, snowplow, street sweeper hub. It is very quiet here when they finish their rounds.

Thanks Mary Lou!
I'm also very glad you are taking my class. Your watercolors get nicer and fresher every week, and your determination to paint paint paint is inspiring to me - I am just not good at trying again when I am unhappy with a painting.