Orange Tree - California Sketch

Orange Tree in the Backyard

I love the shape of this orange tree, although I don't care for the taste of the oranges. Almost as soon as I had finished painting this, the gardener trimmed a lot of it. He really did a great job of keeping the shape - it still has that graceful swoop and asymmetrical slant. I absolutely LOVE citrus trees - those shiny green leaves and that gorgeous, sparkling orange or yellow fruit - the shape of the trees - the aroma of the blossoms!!!!

Getting back to reality here in Michigan. I have a few errands to run to be ready for some workshops coming up, starting tomorrow, and I have a class this afternoon. I don't seem to be taking enough time with my sketchbook. A sketchbook is such a good place to slow down, chill out, and just "be". But right now I have a date with my scanner and printer.

Have you set up a date with your sketchbook?


Gwendolyn said...

I wish my efforts at sketching were as loose and lovely as yours! (I know: practice, practice, practice!)

Thanks for a lovely painting!

Catherine said...

Gwendolyn - set a time limit and use a large brush. That's get ya loosened up!

And thank you for the lovely comment.

Marj said...

Anxiously awaiting results of your Sketchbook Bookbinding Class :-)
Maybe you'll do another round later in the summer?????
hopefully...Marj. M.