Yellow Primrose in my Journal

Somewhere in my collection of sketchbooks I probably have every primrose I have ever purchased. Those pretty, round, colorful blossoms, those cute flop-eared leaves ~ I love 'em. I always buy a yellow one to put on my little purple bench on the front porch. It's the little things in life, huh.

I can't seem to get motivated today to start getting ready for Easter dinner. I did go to the grocery store, and I do know that all my table cloths are clean ~ that's it. That's as far as I am at this point. I work best under pressure, so it'll happen. Maybe later than sooner, but that'll be okay. Right now I think I'll go fill nail holes in the bathroom trim and maybe slap on a coat of primer.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!!!
P.S. Ooops - the table cloth isn't so clean anymore. It started to rain, it fell off the line, and . . .well, you know.


Marj said...

The Primroses and the Contour drawing are both inspirational! I shall try them both. I have only done a spoon and a potato masher contour drawing (in your class).
Happy Easter and enjoy your family.
Your colors are always so perfect.

Catherine said...

Marj- I do most of my drawings as contours. Something about moving along without jumping around or really stopping that makes it all fit together better for me. And for some reason, the mistakes don't look as bad. My opinion, of course :)

Happy Easter to you too!

Marpia said...

So sorry about the tablecloth. Perhaps some strategically located dishes will take care of the spots?