A Few Sprigs of Forsythia in my Sketchbook

Dark and rainy today. These little sprigs of forsythia opened up in just a few minutes after bringing them inside. This is another contour ink drawing with watercolor.

I did manage to get Easter dinner on the table. The tablecloth, mentioned in the previous post, cleaned up well, but it really didn't matter - after the cat threw up under the dinner table, the tablecloth didn't seem like any big deal.


Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad. A meal turns out well as long as the hostess is happy!...(these are the words hubby's told me!) I do like your drawing. Spring will come! The bird's will sing,the sun will shine on all the flowers!! BJR

Art Trip said...

Yipee, spring!!

HollyM said...

I do love the forsythia! The tablecloth comment is too funny. We can always count on life to throw one at us when we take things too seriously.