Another Local Snow Scene.

We have only had light snow for the last few days. Enough to keep the old snow white and clean.

This is a watercolor, 11 X 15, on Arches cold press paper. I started this painting as a demo for class, but I really botched the center evergreen. I had the area too wet - I went into the sky too soon with the tree color, and the spaces I had wanted to leave white for the snow on the branches ended up being greenish brown. Yuk. It made the whole demo a "do as I say, not as I do" kind of thing.

Just as a challenge I wanted to save the painting, so I scrubbed the snow on the tree to lighten it up a little, then I painted some other areas of the snow the same color. I think it worked out okay.

This week I will try not to botch the demo. But if I do, I will try to make lemonade out of the lemons. Yes, it is a still life - citrus fruit and tulips.


Marj said...

That is just beautiful! You really captured the Snow-and-make-some-Ziti-or-Chili-type-of-Day! Love it!

Catherine said...

Thanks, Marj,
I haven't made ziti since the holidays - I think I over-did it a little :) Now the search is on for the perfect recipe for gorgonzola tomato soup.

By the way - I love your sketchbooks in your recent post!!!

Marj said...

Thank you! (sketchbooks) About the soup...try: allrecipes.com -- I went on that website and they had a couple recipes for your soup :-)

Kristen Guthrie said...

I am loving all these sweet snowy paintings - - almost makes the winter seem a little less cold. Hope you are well! Kristen Guthrie

Catherine said...

Thanks Kristen, I'm glad you like them. Have fun in the snow here this weekend!