An ink sketch done in my journal sketchbook.

Sketchbooks are such fun, and so liberating. In a serious painting I would never have put that tomato over the girl's head. I wanted to include the sign and that's where it fit. It's a sketchbook ~ we have permission to do anything any way we want.

On Wednesdays the neighborhood cafe serves homemade Gorgonzola tomato soup. Out of this world!

I think I am finished with snow paintings. Now I need some color. Of course, you wouldn't know it from this sketch.

By the way ~ don't you just love the word "Gorgonzola"!?


annie said...

Gorgonzola is a great word....Your talk about sketchbooks is liberating--" it's a sketchbook and we have permission to do anything any way we want"--That is a wonderful phrase, for anyone, I expect, but especially for us beginners.

Stay warm.


Amy said...

Sometimes Dave uses "Gorgonzola" as an exclamation.

Catherine said...

Annie - maybe we should treat many parts of our lives as we do our "liberating" sketchbooks, and not take ourselves so seriously. I'm going to liberate myself from housework :)

Amy - I can "hear" Dave saying it!

annie said...

I am with you, totally, Catherine. A much better way of looking at life....And hurray for housework liberation!Housework is very patient, I have found, and will wait patiently until I do it.


Anonymous said...

Now you post this. I just spent a lot of the weekend cleaning. Bad, bad timing. Karen