I have absolutely nothing to post today. Since it is "Post Every Day in November" I have to at least say something, but I have nothing to show.

My daughter is a writer, so of course she reads writers' blogs, and I think, "But there are no pictures!". I realize a lot of people blog without visuals - but to be perfectly honest - I don't read them.

So, picture me helping my husband pick up six layers of old shingles from the garage and load them into the truck to take them to the dump. Wouldn't six layers be more than a hundred year's worth!? I am not a roofer, but arent six layers just wrong?! Picture me taking a nap.


Carol Bonomo said...

Your word pictures are great too!

annie said...

PICTURE you taking a nap? I'll do better than that, I'll TAKE one.

Of course we need pictures. I was spoiled by Beatrix Potter and Jesse Wilcox Smith and Ernest Shephard's pictures for A.A. Milne and Kenneth Grahame-- you probably were, too--so when I started school I had no patience with the DICK & JANE illustrations.

I also had no patience with teachers that wouldn't let me illustrate my papers in high school-- fortunately, there was one in Ancient History who allowed it.

Marpia said...

According to my daughter, a writing instructor at the Univ. of CO in Denver, you made use of visual imaging techniques. :)

annie said...

Splendid, Marpia-- good to have a name for what we love to do. I know that for me, combining the visual and verbal sure enough helps my brain work better-- besides being more fun.

plaid petunia said...

Cath, I think six layers must be at least 150 years. Is that how old you feel after picking them up? Cathy