Food Blogging Again

A Huge Breakfast the Morning After Having Nothing to Eat but Potato Chips and Milk for Nearly 24 Hours.

We really know how to live, don't we?

This is one of those "quantity" not "quality" posts that I squeeze in when I'm doing the "Blog Everyday For the Month of November", or whatever it is. The chips and milk story may be useful toward the end of the month, so I'm not saying any more.

I tried to show some things I'm working on, but nothing seems to be working out just right tonight.

In class today we worked on laying in the shadows in Manganese blue (everything that wasn't going to be left white) and then filling in the colors and details. The class did a great job with it! My brain is too fuzzy to explain right now, and it would make a good post someday with a little step by step demo.

As I was plowing through my to-do list today after class, I found out that I have to have my summer schedule (part of it at least) turned in SOON for publication. OK, I can do that.

I'm heading for bed now. Who's going to remind me to do the step by step demo?


Marpia said...

Is it too soon to remind you to do the step by step demo?

I thought so.

Okay, but I really want to know about potato chips and milk because I know it's not the colonoscopy preparation diet. Is it a cleansing diet?

Catherine said...

I did start going through some photos today looking for the perfect shadows to use for a demo. But, remind me again in a couple of days:)

The chips and milk diet is just an anti-starvation diet when the little grocery store smells like rodents and you don't want to buy real food there.