More Journals

Seriously. I CAN NOT STOP making journals.
Actually, only three of these are mine. I spent Friday making journals with friend Karen. The Friday before I spent making journals with friend Cathy. Karen and I spent two hours in Joann Fabrics putting together fabrics and papers. Now I understand why people quilt - it's that mixing of colors and patterns thing. Look at that paisley - wow, I love that!

I put aside the journal stuff for a day or two because we had a demolition thing going on here. We demolished a wall, reconstructed it and installed a new window. I love demolition! It has so much potential . I mean, when something is gone, you can put anything in that spot, right?

So today I am going to paint the new wall, scrape and paint the back door and stay away from the journal stuff. There is more to life than making journals. My husbands says.


Anonymous said...

How exciting, which wall?

Catherine said...

The back porch - next to the side door.

WWendi said...

Hi! I'm just curious what you'll be doing with all the journals you've been making. What kind of paper is in them? Are you going to be selling them...? Maybe your husband won't mind you making journals if they are making you some money. *[wink, nudge, hint, hint]*
"o) Wendi

Catherine said...

Hi Wendi - I do go through quite a few sketchbooks and I teach watercolor journaling, but I really am getting ahead of myself when it comes to having a stock of journals on hand.

I have been using Strathmore Aquarius II paper in them.

I don't think I will sell them because they are so time consuming, but I do intend to team-teach journal construction and painting with a friend. And that should make my husband happy too :)

Marj said...

We're having our bathroom demolished and redone...we will need a place to live while this is going on--Do you have lots of classes I could enroll in???? Wish I could. Love the Sketchbooks and can't wait to learn how to do them.