Small Watercolor Figures
I spent a nice morning painting with Walloon Lake friends. After painting a sketchbook landscape, I turned around to face the other painters in back of me and do some very quick, juicy sketches of them. I need to do more figures. These will be fun to look back at to remember the day.

In the upper right hand corner you can see yet another (!) small palette that I've set up. Someone in one of my classes this week had this great pill box palette and I HAD to get one!

I am a little worried that my STUFF has become more important than the art I do with it. But we all need our stuff, don't we?


Marj said...

Lots of "stuff" is fun! I started saving bottle caps for paint...sports for the aged (me!) Also, how about a "figure" (sideview) of someone bending over to pick up Petoskey stones at the beach :-)Still haven't perfected that.

ginny said...

You weren't kidding about getting that palette in a hurry. I just changed a couple of the colors in mine. I think I've lit on the ones I like. It's no easy job to clean out one of the compartments.