D is for . . .

"D" is for Dundee Marmalade
A two-inch square done in my moleskine sketchbook with prismacolor pencils and ink.
I've had this Dundee pot around for as long as I can remember. I love the black-and-whiteness of it with colored pencils in it.

I have a mustard pot that I keep colored pencils in too. I'm not starting a collection - two is good.

I stopped in at my favorite second hand store today and it was pretty sparse. Maybe I should step up my decluttering process and restock their shelves. I am wading through stuff I have been dumping in my little studio room. It's pretty comfy and a nice place to work and relax when I can get in it! I'm looking around right now at things that don't belong in here - a sweater that needs mending, two lampshades that don't have lamps, a box of silverware (?!), Christmas wrapping paper, a geranium that is not going to make it to summer . . . Why do we sabotage our creative spaces like that? Do we think somewhere in the back of our minds that we don't deserve a nice place to create? Well, we do!!! So after doing a sketch in our sketchbooks, let's work on our creative spaces. Whether it is making one or cleaning one, winter is a great time to do that.

I don't know where this little rant came from, but I'm done. I'm going to go eat that orange that's next to the Dundee pot.

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Marj said...

What fun to think of something to draw from A to Z. My Aquarius II is all divided into 3" (sorry, 2" didn't work out) squares :-) Today I drew "McCormick's" DILL WEED seasoning jar. It's Hungarian Mushroom Soup for supper via a recipe I found from a restaurant in Midwest Magazine. Now to keep my eyes open for something that starts with "E". I think I just found it....EYES!poxy