Silver Spreader

No time for painting today. I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving - getting out the napkins, table cloth, washing the glasses, cooking the squash . . . and getting prepared to HAVE HELP tomorrow. The grandkids are coming over late in the afternoon and I may as well put them to work, right? However, I have to be very prepared for that or it could be chaos. Fun chaos, but chaos just the same. I polished some silver and put it back in the drawer because I know the girls like to "choose" and count it out when they set the table.

Our oldest grandson is going to spend the night and help make pies. My mother and my daughter always did the pies the night before Thanksgiving. Always. For years. She (daughter, not mother) wouldn't even let her boyfriends come over "Thanksgiving Eve" because that was pie night with Grandma. Now we are on to the next generation - oh my gosh! I'M the grandma!


Carol C said...

Quite the realization, isn't it, when you're the grandma?! I'm not a grandma, but I am a great aunt...which is amazing in itself to me! Have a wonderful time with your family over the holiday, and make some of those memories for your grandkids!

Catherine said...

Thanks Carol. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!