Pond Hill Farm

Relaxing in the Pool
This is the life, huh? Just waddle around in a little pool in the sunshine. I did this small painting from a reference photo I took this past summer. I just loved the way the sun was shining on his very white feathers.

This time of year it's fun to paint a little bit of summer. I must admit, it has been pretty here - the leaves are beautiful and the clouds are so dramatic in the fall. Each season has so much to offer.


Albinocrow said...

Marguerite was telling me about this duck painting! and I was so curious and now I get to see it and I love it...course I have a soft spot for all things poultry :o)

Sylvia Jenstad said...

Wow... had to stop... what a cool painting.. what beautiful soft colours... really cool

Catherine said...

Sara and Sylvia, thank you both for the nice comments! I'm glad you like it.

Carol said...

Love these vibrant colors!