Late Afternoon Sun

The late afternoon sun coming in the west window.
It always fascinates me how much the angle of the sun changes as the seasons change. This is one of my paying-attention to-my-painting-theme observations. I've done a little sketch of this on illustration board for a small watercolor. I think the folds in the fabric of the curtain would work better on cold press paper, but we'll see. It is harder to soften edges on illustration board and hot press paper. But I love the way paint puddles on smooth paper.

I think today is a good soup and muffin day. So - a quick trip to the store, make the soup, get in some painting time. . . sounds so much more relaxing than summer. Maybe fall isn't so bad after all. Embrace the season!!! I'm trying.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, We had our first Chicken Soup of the Season yesterday--Yummm!
Tasted even better today. I love the angle of the sun this time of the year because it streams in the front window of my Kitchen. Enjoy!