Winter Classes and Workshop 2008

Eight-Week Watercolor Classes
Two-Day Drawing Workshop
I am adding a Thursday evening watercolor class - I will still be doing the regular Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon classes. I'm also offering a two-day drawing workshop. Please check out the info.
Hope to see you in class!


Anonymous said...

How long do you think the commute from Farmington Hills would be :-) Actually I just had my R.H. carpal tunnel surgery--typing with L.H. only--getting prepared to be able to do a summer class with no pain. Keep up the blog! Marj. Mayes

kkubov@charter.net said...

Sign me up for Wed. mornings. This is the best part of my week. I learn, we have fun and it's much more profitable than a therapy session. Save my spot by the window! Karen

Catherine said...

Marj. rest that arm so it will be ready for a summer of painting!

Karen - thanks! I've reserved your seat by the window.