Snow Globe and Blue and White Bowl

It is still snowing here. It looks like we are living in a snow globe. Good weather to stay inside and work on some sketches and paintings. Sooner or later I will have to get out to make a food run. Good homemade soup and bread weather.

I have found this bowl very difficult to draw. I am pretty pleased with the little painting at the top of the sketchbook page, but after struggling with the one on the bottom of the page, I still don't have it right. No matter how much I measured and studied it, it is still a little off. Curvy, rounded objects have fewer points of reference. Whatever. I had a good time working on it. Any time I pick up my pencils or brushes is a good time.


Anonymous said...

Cath, I think the fact that it is a bit off makes it more charming. I love this. The picture of the snow is beautiful but I'm glad to be in SC. However, I miss you all. Cathy

Catherine said...

Thanks Cathy.
We miss you too!