Painting with triads.
Technically a triad is three colors spaced an equal distance apart on the color wheel, but we played a little bit today in class using artistic license and didn't stick to technicalities. After making a few sample color wheels, we drew some spools and painted them in neutral colors using triads. The spools on the left were painted with cobalt violet, lemon yellow, and manganese blue. The ones on the right were done with Quinacridone rose, quinacridone gold, and ultramarine blue.

I think we can learn a lot from using a very limited palette. We learn how to make colorful neutrals, we can mix without getting muddy, and we can concentrate on the properties and possibilities of three colors at a time rather than a whole palette full.

Drawing the spools took a bit of concentration, but I didn't want the class to spend too long on them - this lesson was about color. I have a basket of wooden spools that I bought at a moving sale. They each have a personality - some are short and fat, some tall and skinny, short and skinny, tall and fat . . .

Awhile ago I did a drawing of some of the spools. It was fun to do - it was one of those things that you really get lost in and have to pay attention to each curve and angle. I need to do more of that - I haven't been drawing enough. But I am not going to make any promises here, like a drawing or painting per day or anything like that. That sounds like a New Year's resolution, and it's not time for those yet.

How is everyone coming with their Christmas shopping?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for talking more about "triads." No, the shopping isn't done, however I do a lot of it "online." On Amazon, parents can make a list of what the kiddos want (pics and all) and you can purchase right off the list. Marj.