I wanted to post this sketch because . . . well, because I have yet to finish a painting this week. Still working on last week's painting. But that's okay. I've been busy and it isn't all about the finished product anyway - it's the journey.

It has been a busy week. I have taught three classes, one all-day private lesson, shipped out some promo things, have worked on setting up the next session of classes and have committed to some summer workshops and I need to narrow down those details for publicity etc. I had to digitally send a picture of a painting for a post card for a solo gallery show I will be doing this summer. I'm not sure how to do that, and I was a little worried about how it looked at the other end of cyber space, but the graphics designer for the gallery emailed and asked for the dimensions and title of the painting. She didn't ask for the dimensions and title of my crummy, fuzzy, huge-pixeled painting, so I guess it was okay. I spent some time painting with a couple of friends, and was a spur of the moment babysitter one day. . . . I made a pass through the second hand shops, but I have found my bargain of the year - a fabulous lamp for TEN BUCKS. Maybe I should have been working on that painting instead of looking for a bargain.

Oh, this sketch of wooden spools - it is done with number 6 and 9 drawing pencils and white Prismacolor pencil on Aquabee Bogus Rough sketch paper. I had my drawing class doing this subject this week, and they really hung in there (for two hours) and did a beautiful job! After they left, I worked on it a bit, but I just couldn't do it for two hours. That paper is fun. It is a different experience to think of the paper as the middle value - still working on that concept. As rough as the paper looks, it takes pencil or ink surprisingly well.


Kathleen Pequignot said...

I like the "unfinished" quality of this sketch. I want to practice more with using tinted papers as a middle tone. Thanks for sharing your work as inspiration. :)

Lindsay said...

Wow! your site is lovely. I especially love the spools and the way you used the mid values. I have loads of spools around my studio and I'm going to try this too! I'll be back for more!