Geraniums, Rubber Bumpers, and Parking Tickets

Lots of little geraniums.
These are fun and relaxing to do - and they sell!
I'm getting a few little things ready for a Holiday Market at our local arts center.

Today was the last day
of this session of my Wednesday morning watercolor class . Tomorrow is the last of the Thursday afternoon class. We'll start a new session soon, and fortunately I always have a lot of repeat students.

Went to lunch after class with a friend and had some fantastic Tomato Gorgonzola soup. As we sat there eating this fantastic soup and fabulous sandwiches, my friend K. watched as a car backed into her car out in front of the restaurant. She ran out there and the very elderly driver said, "Yeah, I know. See, it's okay" as he looked at HIS car, not hers. Well, he did have a car with big rubber bumpers - there was obviously a reason for that. A few minutes later the meter guy came along and put a ticket on her car! The morel of this story is, if you want to have a nice relaxing lunch, eating tasty food in a cozy neighborhood eatery, don't sit near the window. It's better to enjoy your lunch and be surprised later.
Okay - so she didn't have a dent in her car (thanks to the big rubber bumpers) and the meter guy was actually giving her a WARNING, but we didn't know that at the time. AND it wouldn't have made a very good story. It wouldn't have really made a story at all, and what fun would that be.


Anonymous said...

I love these minis. What king of paper did you use?

Thank you for not mentioning the exact words I used when I thought I was getting a ticket! Karen

Kristen said...

I knew exactly who "K" was even before she admitted it in the comments - this was not "K"s first time getting a ticket . . . I can't believe they only gave her a warning.