Watkins Cinnamon Tin and Apples
This is a watercolor on 140 cold press paper - has anyone else noticed the change in texture of Arches 140 cold press? I don't like it! It still handles the same, but I don't like the look of it. Oh well, nobody asked me - "they" never do, but I guess if this is the worst thing I have to gripe about today, I'm doing okay. And it is the worst thing.

This was a still life set up for my classes this week. It was a real challenge with the almost monochromatic colors, an over-crowded set up that needed editing, and the mixing of the reds and greens for the apples - that combination can turn to mud. Both classes really got into it!!! They worked for an hour on the drawing and composition, and then did a wonderful job getting in plenty of contrasts with lights and darks, and their color mixing was wonderful. I think everyone had a real feeling of accomplishment when they left.

As usual, I am not crazy about my background. It is a small painting - really just a study - and I didn't want to get into what might be going on in the background. But still. Any suggestions?


Leanna said...

I, personally, really like it Catherine! It has such a old country feel and the colors really work for that and the background too. I find that 90% of my work does not have a background or really simple washes.

brian nelson said...

I have just discovered your website and I am enjoying your art! This is wonderful!