Watercolor Canvas

18X24 Watercolor on Watercolor Canvas
I started this watercolor as a demo in a workshop I did using watercolor canvas and clayboard. I had intended to wash off the vase of flowers so I wasn't concerned about the fact that it was smack in the center. However when I got going on it, I was pleased with the colors and the way the paint handled on the canvas. In order to keep it, I had to figure out a way to salvage a bad composition. I'm not sure I succeeded, but I do like the painting anyway. I have been playing around with words in my paintings and had a good time with this.

It is the season for still lifes, but they do get tiresome after awhile. This week my classes are starting on composing from photographs. I always feel that artists living in cold weather winter climates should know how to do that. I am not a cold weather outdoor-on-location painter. I don't do the suffering artist thing - give me a cozy studio any cold day.

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