Three Little Paintings

These are three little paintings for a friend. I thought I could talk myself into posting them as my "painting of the week" - Yes - OF THE WEEK. How do those people do a painting a day, you know the ones listed when you search for "a painting a day"!?!? Anyway I must admit that I only painted the upper one recently. The others I had done quite awhile ago for a friend and she wanted a third to go with them.

The reason I wanted to post them was so I could see that I had done something! I have been feeling bogged down and unproductive lately because I came across an old journal in which I had kept track of finished paintings, and I was SOOOOO productive. But now I am painting less, teaching more, sketching, planning, and experimenting more, and I like this better. I think my paintings are better, and the journey is a lot more enjoyable.

So, okay. I guess I'm alright. It's the Sunday night blahs - you know, I-Didn't accomplish-anything-but-I-didn't-enjoy-relaxing syndrome.

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