Looking for color?!

These little sketches were done as an experiment using markers and colored pencils. I read somewhere about someone using markers for the base colors and colored pencils for the shading. Bright, huh! The colors, I mean - not the idea. Well, the idea isn't bad either.

I was using the kids' Crayola markers, which are, of course, very basic, bright colors. Someday I'll get some Prismacolor markers and give it a try. Someday.

I didn't do these recently, but I was looking through my sketchbooks for COLOR - it is gray and icy and snowy here and I'm sick of it! Well - this is Michigan - tomorrow could be 70 degrees.


Ramesh Gandhi said...

Lovely! I wouldn't have thought of this combination. I'd be afraid, too, that the marker would bleed through?

Sherri said...

How Fun! I use colored Pencils I'm going to have to try markers as a base.

Kathleen Pequignot said...

Fantastic brightness! That would be fun to have the Prisma markers in all kinds of floral colors. That's all I need is one more medium purchased for the studio stash. But I'd love to experiment with this idea using colored pencils over the marker base. :)