Watercolor Materials

Watercolor Materials List

You won't know what watercolor can do if you don't use a good grade of paint and paper.

Paints - feel free to wait until after the first class to buy paints.  I can set you up with a simple palette until you feel comfortable with what and where to purchase.

The best paints to use are the ones that are labeled "professional".  I would stay away from "student" or "academy".
     Ultramarine Blue
     Permanent Rose or Quinacridone red
     Hansa yellow or lemon yellow
     Sap Green or Hookers Green

     Round watercolor #3, #8, and #12

     A covered plastic palette with a  good sized mixing area

     I recommend Arches 140 cold press.  I will make 22" X 30" sheets available for $6.  If you prefer to buy your own, we will discuss paper at the first class.

Water container

Household sponge

A pencil and a soft eraser.

This list is not written in stone  -  if you have colors and materials you're already comfortable with, feel free to use those.

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