Watercolor Materials

Watercolor Materials List

You won't know what watercolor can do if you don't use a good grade of paint and paper.

Paints - feel free to wait until after the first class to buy paints.  I can set you up with a simple palette until you feel comfortable with what and where to purchase.  Please let me know if you plan to do this.

The best paints to use are the ones that are labeled "professional".  I would stay away from "student" or "academy".
     Ultramarine Blue
     Permanent Rose or Quinacridone red
     Hansa yellow or lemon yellow
     Sap Green or Hookers Green

     Round watercolor #3, #8, and #12
     Watercolor brushes have soft bristles and shorter handles than oil brushes.

     A covered plastic palette with a  good sized mixing area

     I recommend Arches 140 cold press.  I will make 22" X 30" sheets available for $6.  We usually paint on no larger than a quarter sheet  -  11X15.
     Arches watercolor paper also comes in "blocks".  These are pads of paper fastened down on all four sides. I would recommend   the 10X14 or smaller.

Water container

Household sponge

A pencil and a soft eraser.

This list is not written in stone  -  if you have colors and materials you're already comfortable with, feel free to use those.

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