New Brushes

House Shapes from my Sketchbook

I took a workshop earlier this week from Sandra Strohschein.  It was great  -  lots of information.  She used these brushes and had them available to purchase, so now I'm obsessed and can't put them down.

This painting is about 7 X 11.  These cottages are from my "collection" of simple house shapes in my sketch books.  I love houses of any shape, size, or style, and often when I go to paint them, they don't always end up in their original settings. In real life, these are surrounded by many other cottages, but as I sketched them, I liked the way "the viewer" could, maybe, just walk over that ridge to the beach instead of more cottages and the highway.

Art is a control thing.  You can make a subject anything you want!
Go out and sketch some cottages or houses in the city, country or by the beach  -  then put them in any setting you want.  It's not about reality, it's about the composition.

Have fun with it!!!

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